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KitNewCare is a pioneering EU co-funded project to make kidney healthcare more environmentally sustainable. Recognising healthcare’s role in global carbon emissions (5-11%), the project focuses on kidney care, an area with significant disease burden and resource footprint, as a model for systemic sustainability change.

The broader environmental impacts of healthcare products, services and pathways are targeted by the project. Its new solutions will be tested in four clinical sites across Europe before they are rolled out at other medical facilities. Maintaining high patient care standards and improving health outcomes are at the heart of this transformation.



KitNewCare identifies and develops sustainable solutions to reduce carbon emissions in healthcare by at least 40% (compared to 1990 levels). Starting with the selected clinical sites and then expanding to associated pilots, the project’s mission is to improve health outcomes, reduce environmental and social impacts, and costs.

Clinical Sites

Explore the clinical sites leading the way in sustainable kidney care across Europe. Discover how they are making a difference through innovative practices which aim at revolutionising all healthcare areas.

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Every choice you make influences both your health and the environment. By prioritising kidney disease prevention and early diagnosis, you contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system.

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